Vicki Kocher Paret is a representational painter of still life and landscape, exploring beauty in objects and place.  Her work is collected throughout the United States in private, institutional and corporate collections.  She began her formal training with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University.  After completing a Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, she spent the last thirteen years dividing her studio time with teaching young people.

Artist Statement

Things I find beautiful, be they objects tossed into a jar or elements of nature waiting patiently for me to encounter or discover them, provide the structure for the process of painting.  As I proceed from one painting to the next in a series, I explore color and spatial relationships, different marks and methods for rendering an image, and their effect on the tenor of the piece. I find my subjects very beautiful- sometimes in odd, quirky ways, sometimes as expressions of the power of nature - and I am compelled to paint them in detail.


In the still life paintings from the series "Within Limits," the position of objects is affected by the jar.  The objects, sometimes artifacts of personal history and other times curiosities of our environment, are put into the jars without placement - interactions happen by chance.  Shapes and space create interesting juxtapositions, sometimes playful, sometimes tense or cozy,  and I find the spaces between the objects interesting and beautiful.


The elements that make up the landscape paintings are woven together, their edges often hard to discern.  I find the transitions from one element to another particularly interesting to paint. Hopefully, when all the transitions are assembled together, one can experience the beauty of the place.